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Santa Elena de Uairén:

A city in the south of Bolívar State, in Venezuela, capital of the Gran Sabana Municipal District. It is situated at 907mts above sea level, in a savannah surrounded by various Tepuis 15 Km. away is the frontier bordering Brazil and the small Brazilian town, the so-called "La Línea", "The Line" (town of Pacaraima). 
(1400 km from Caracas)

It was founded in 1923 by Lucas Fernández Peña, who was attracted to the area due to its boom in diamonds. The population is approximately 20,000 inhabitants. The temperature averages between 25 and 28°C. You can reach the city by the Pan-American road via Brazil, which is completely paved with asphalt.

It has an airport and its economy is based on commerce and the work in the central mines.  However, throughout the last few years tourism has been growing in an important manner, which the city has come to rely on, offering many services to its visitors.
It is the best place to embark on touristic activities, since it is found near the most impressive natural wonders in the Gran Sabana.

The name of the city originates from Lucas Fernández Peña’s first daughter, "Elena", and Uairen for the river that runs through the city.  In total he had 23 children.   .


Santa Elena de Uairén, was declared a free port in 1999 though the process of adapting it to that purpose has been slow and laborious, there are few products that are manufactured entirely inside this legal commercial system. Nevertheless, it is probable that given its location on the frontier with Brazil and the constant traffic of goods to and from the neighbouring country, in whatever moment the general economy of Santa Elena could improve. A difficult task, but one that is little by little becoming a reality, and which of course needs the collaboration of everyone.

In Santa Elena you can acquire just about everything; there are pharmacies, restaurants, telephone lines and cell phone service (MoviStar and Movilnet ), markets, pizzerias, hotels of all varieties, eco-friendly camps, liquor stores, auto-repair shops, gas stations, churches, etc. There are people, due to their lack of knowledge about the area, believe they have to bring everything with them because they think they won’t find a place to purchase items.

The Cathedral of Santa Elena is one of the most visited destinations in the city, constructed mid-century with rocks transported from neighbouring regions.  The mission of Santa Elena is the center of missionary activity of the Capuchin fathers of the Franciscan order.


Lucas Fernández Peña is recognized as the official founder of Santa Elena de Uairén in 1923.  Born in the state of Cojedes in 1894, he was an adventurer who wanted to get to know the world.  During his time in the Uairen area he rose in opposition against the churches that wanted to take over and colonize the region.  Lucas, relying on a good amount of Indians in his army, forced the churches to retreat various kilometers outside the land near Uairen, reconquering for Venezuela many kilometers of terrain that were in the hands of the churches.

Photo: Lucas Fernández Peña with his father Cesareo besides one of the first border milestones between Venezuela and Brasil.

Weather in Santa Elena de Uiarén

En la frontera con Brasil, hito y banderas justo entre los dos países. 

Aeropuerto de Santa 
Elena de Uairén 



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