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tents in the natural hotel which are caves and cracks in the gigantic rocks found on top of the tepui.


It can get really cold on the summit.


The ascent has difficult sections with loose rock.

The natural hotel "Coatí" impressive caverns that have formed throughout the centuries due to erosion.


Tepuy Roraima
Tepuy Roraima 2800 m.s.n.m


The highest and best known Tepui of the Gran Sabana: 2800 m.s.n.m (9000 pies ) on it you can find the frontier milestone called triple point where the natural boundaries of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana converge.  This landmark was placed there in 1931 by an international commission. Roraima is the most famous of the tepuis of Canaima Nacional Park and one of nature’s architectural beauties.



To survive in the difficult conditions on top of the tepuis, many speices have adapted and overcome the difficult conditions, rocky ground and lack of nutrients and nitrogen.  As a result these certain types of plants live only in these kinds of areas and some are not found anywhere else in the world, a phenomenon known as endemism (endemic vegetation or found exclusively in one region).

Utricularia Quelchii

Conellia Caricifolia



::: Endemic Vegetation, some species of Mount Roraima

Stegalepis Guyanensis

Connellia augustae

Orectantes Sceptrum

Connellia Quelchii

Befaria im thurnii

Bonetia Roraimae

Utricularia Quelchii

Heliamphora Nutans

Brochinia Reducta

Sphagnun sp.

Condensata Stomatochaeta

Drosera Roraimae

Thibaudia ulei

Paephantalus Fraternus

Brochinia Tatai

Epidendrum Secundum

Oreophrinela Quelchii

Tilandsia turneri


::: Expedition to Mount Roraima, an unforgettable adventure

The expedition to Roraima is one of the most interesting you can undertake.  It is an incredibly energizing experience.  It requires a long and demanding hike and you need at least 5 days to carry it out.   Only a small stage of the journey can be made in car and it should have double traction.  On the top of this magnificent natural creation you can enjoy the impressive metamorphic rock formations, endemic vegetation and the one of a kind sensation of being in a place filled with energy. (in Santa Elena de Uairén you can make plans with a tour agency operator to embark on this tour).

We should remind you that to undergo this expedition you should be equipped with the appropriate gear, tents with a roof cover, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, appropriate clothing, preferably including hiking boots for the rocky path and of course all the supplies that any explorer would require. (water, medicine, food, etc)
It is also important to note that you should have experience for this type of excursion, for which it is obligatory to bring a guide or carry it out through a tour operator in Santa Elena de Uairen.  It is also important to understand that to visit Roraima you have to obtain permission from the Inparques (National Institution of Parks) park office located in Caracas (East Park) and Ciudad Bolivar, but the tour operators in the area have already been granted permission for these types of activities.

  • How to begin the expedition and what to consider.

    To begin this expedition you arrive at the Indian community of Paraitepuy of Roraima, up to there is where the vehicles (double traction only) reach.  At this site you register at the control post and hire a porter if necessary or person (generally Pemón Indians) to help with the load, the tents, and provisions.  You should weigh your luggage in order to know how many kilos each person will carry and distribute it efficiently, considering also that the porters have established a weight limit. We suggest that it is always best to deal with a tour operator from the area so that everything is prepared for you; what’s more it is not advisable to undergo these types of activities without the presence of qualified people.  There have been some unfortunate incidents due to the risk-taking and ignorance of some tourists.  This is why we recommend that you organize everything with a business qualified to undergo this interesting expedition to such a magnificent tepui.  

  • General consideration for the expedition:

    Keep in mind that to a certain extent it is a physical endeavor, which involves long trajectories and many hours of hiking; an expedition which on average requires 30 hours of walking until returning to the ParaiTepuy of Roraima, an average of 6 days minimum for this expedition, less time being difficult and worthless.

It is preferable not to involve children that are too young in these activities given the certain areas of difficult trajectory which would be difficult for them and even for adults.  For this reason we recommend that children be no younger than 10 years of age and of course the presence of their guardian is mandatory.  On the journey you will cross important rivers, travel through areas of irregular terrain, and climb up inclined slopes, especially during the last section of the ascent.

At the rest areas, tents are used to spend the night and on top of the tepui tents are placed in protected areas underneath enormous rocks that are called “Hotels”, which protect from the wind, rain, or the cold at night.  The temperatures on the summit can drop to as low as 4 or 5 Cº.

Regarding the food, it is very important to not bring too much canned food because it adds weight.  As a general rule, pasta, chocolate, crackers, packets of powdered soup, and powdered milk should always be included in your provisions.  In any case, the tourism agency with which you decide to use to realice this adventure will indicate the particulars, but do not forget to mention any intolerances to certain foods in order to avoid that product.

  • Items to bring with you on this expediton:

Comfortable backpack with adjustable hip belt, with a capacity of approximately 70 to 85 liters.

Small water bottle no bigger than 1 liter.
(You can use plastic bottles with a top)

Sleeping bag, at least 5ºC.
(if you do not have one inform your tour agency operator)

Raincoat or poncho for the rain.

Sweater for the cold, keep in mind that the temperature can fall to 5ºC.

Hiking shoes, preferrably ones that have been previously worn.
(new shoes that are not broken in can be your worst nightmare)

3 pairs of thick socks, underwear.

2 pairs of long comfortable pants, preferrably of a light color, that are not jeans

1 pair of short pants or lycra shorts

Bathing suit and a small towel or absorbent cloth.
the rivers are a pleasant environment for a swim)

Hat or cap to avoid sunstroke.

Sandals or beach shoes.

Flashlight, handheld or headlamp

Personal medications, sunblock,  repellent in lotion and vaseline to prevent irritations and blisters, a tablet for headaches and an antacid.

And keep in mind to not leave any waste or trash in the areas you pass, you must bring it all back with you.

Mount Roraima belongs to:

85 % of this mountain is in Venezuelan territory.
10 % in Guyanan territory (Reclamation Zone).
5 % of this territory belongs to Brazil.


It is the site for the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle "The Lost World" published in 1812. in which he states that on the top existed dinosaurs and a huge lake, the last of which is certain (Lake Gladys).

-Don’t venture out on an expedition without a guide, remember that these areas are difficult to access and are very far away.  Many accidents in the recent past have occurred here to due to exactly that, taking risks.

-Don’t leave waste in the areas you visit.
-Don't destroy the vegetation or scratch or paint the rocks with graffiti, be mindful, do not cause ecological damage, and only use biodegradable products.

Heliamphora Nutans

The heliamphoras are shaped like a vase which is where they trap insects


the famous droseras, insect-eating plants


Mystic Tours


Ruta Salvaje Tours

Places to visit on top of the tepui

Maverick car

Valley of the Crystals

The Pit

Triple Point

Lake Gladys

The Labyrinth

The Bow (dfficult)

Triple Point: here the three borders of Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil converge on top of the tepui.

Quartz on the summit in the Valley of the Crystals

 Oreoprinella Quelchíi
Frog of Roraima

It is not easy to walk across the summit when it's raining heavily

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