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Welcome to the Gran Sabana
(Estado Bolívar Venezuela)

Region located to the Southeast of the State Bolivar, in Venezuela, to the south of the Orinoco river; it is occupied totally by the bulk of the Guayanas, constituted by old rocky concentrations, generally metamórficas, formed by granite blocks. It is a surface cut by numerous affluents of the Caroní river, that formed cleared hills and escarped tables, surrounded by tabular surfaces that receive the name of ` tepuyes'. To the west of the Great Savannah three plateaus are aligned. The climate is tropical humid with herbaceous vegetation and leafy forests. Form leaves from the national Park of Canaima. Geographically speaking, the region of the Great Savannah includes only that part of the high plateau that is developed in the high river basin of the Orinoco river over the 800 mts on the level of the sea. The Gran Sabana thus defined extends almost 75,000 Km2 in the Eastern South portion of the State Bolivar. The main hydrographic subriver basins are conformed by the rivers: Yuruaní, Aponwao, Kukenán, Suruku, Icabarú, Caruay, Urimán and Antabare. It is occupied totally by the bulk of the Guayanas, is a full region of unique natural prodigies in the world. Cradle of the famous mountains called "Tepuy" by the Pemón natives, incredible beautiful water jumps and and coarse savannahs. Form leaves from the National Park Canaima, but a little to the south extends more until the border with Brazil, the most important City in this zone is the capital of the municipality: Santa Elena de Uairén. Ideal for the Ecological tourism and of Adventure...

Santa Elena de Uairén:

city to the south of the State Bolivar, in Venezuela, capital of the municipality of Gran Sabana. She is located to 907mts of altitude, in a savannah surrounded by several Tepuyes. To 15 Km. one is the border limit with Brazil, and the Brazilian town denominated "the Line" (Pacaraima).    was founded on the year of 1923 by Lucas Fernandez Rock, attracted by the diamantífero height of the zone. Population (according to estimations for 1997), 16,000 inhabitants. The temperature average is located between the 25 and 28°C. It is acceded to the city by main Pan-American highway "10" via Brazil. It has an airport and its economy is based on the commerce and the operation of the mining centers. Although for some years the tourist sector it has been coming being increased from important way, reason why the city counts on sufficient services for the visitors. It is the most appropriate place for the transaction of tourist activities in the zone, since one is near more impressive the natural wonders of the Gran Sabana.

Canaima National Park

Located in the Southeastern end of Venezuela  (interlaced with the Gran sabana), in the Guayanés Shield, the jurisdiction of the municipalities Piar, Sifontes and Gran Savannah of the State Bolivar. It was created the 12 of June of 1962 with a surface of 1.000.000 has, extending itself to 3.000.000 of has in 1975, which turns to him one of the greater ones of the world (sixth). It includes the totality of the Eastern and superior river basin of the Caroní river. hydric source of the greater hydroelectric complex of Venezuela, and the river basins of the rivers Carrao, Kukenán, Yuruaní, Aponwao and Surukun.

How To arrive:

By Air:
In Santa Elena airport exists, at the moment is in repairs, nevertheless arrive some flights from company "RUTACA", are small planes that come from the airport from Bolivar City. It is hoped that in the next months the service of flights in the local Airport recovers, then will be possible to be traveled from Caracas to Ordaz Port and of there towards Santa Elena by Avior, and the possible incorporation of another air line. - In this Web to him we will maintain informed -. (At the moment the airport is in remodelings, possibly until half-full of the 2005 approximately).-

By Earth: Main international or Pan-American highway "Troncal 10" to Brazil, is in good state, for any type of vehicle or Moto, does not exist limitation on the matter, does not make lack nor special tanks rustic, the highway totally is paved and in very good state. From any State of the Country "Santa Elena de Uairen" can be arrived at the Gran Sabana and the Capital of the Municipality. The best thing always is to bring a map to be located, but we can use like reference the City of Ordaz Port, once we followed way there towards "Upata" and of in ahead single we have a route there to arrive at the Gran Sabana, passing by the towns of Guasipati, the Callao, Tumeremo, Claritas (km 88) and ten kilometers advanced more already we are in the natural monument "Piedra La Virgén", beginning the ascent of Mountain range Motto, a rainy forest that takes to us from 300 meters on in level of the sea to 1400 mts of height, a strong ascent that we must make with precaution, because there are many curves and it is raining almost always in this zone. Once above, the Sabana opens before our eyes of a majestic way and the route of about 200 km until Santa Elena de Uairén, passes in a very placentera atmosphere for which they travel by day, since we can observe the beauties of this place, also we will be able to see the Tepuyes, as long as the environmental conditions allow it. In order to have a time relation, from Caracas in particular car an average of 15 hours in arriving at Santa Elena de Uairén takes; One does not worry about gasoline, since there are sufficient pumps throughout the route, all have gasoline "without Lead". Also we can make our trip in bus, with the companies Expresos losllanos and Expresos Caribe, that arrive until Santa Elena de Uairén, contact to some of these companies.

From another Country, first arrives at Caracas (the capital from Venezuela), soon in the airport it is necessary to take a flight until Ordaz Port or Bolivar City, and can be lowered in Bus or Airplane until Santa Elena de Uairén or Canaima.

You can view de Videos of The Gran Sabana and Canaima National Park here

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